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"My style has evolved from dark and chaotic photography to very structured and refined paintings, laser engraved artworks and murals. I now use my sense of perfectionism to my advantage creating intricate geometric designs. While I mainly focus on animals for my inspiration, I also create geometric line work featuring a range of themes."

World Wildlife Collection

It’s important to look outside your life and acknowledge the other beings in need that can’t necessarily help themselves. A lot of species around the world are on the brink of extinction due to destruction of habitats, over exploitation, pollution, climate change and much more. This show brought attention to these disappearing ecosystems while using it as an opportunity to raise money for an important cause through the World Wildlife Fund. The WWF collection featured multimedia, geometric animal artworks. Part of the proceeds from this series sales were donated towards the World Wildlife Fund.


RHINO - 20"x16" - Mixed Media

acrylic paint, laser cut clear acrylic

BUFFALO - 16"x20" - Mixed Media

acrylic paint, suede, laser cut white acrylic,

glitter paper hemp canvas

POLAR BEAR - 18"x18" - Mixed Media

acrylic paint, acrylic pen, photograph

Koi Diptych

6"x9" Panels - Mixed Media

acrylic paint, laser cut black & white acrylic, wood boards


KOI - 10"x10" - Mixed Media

acrylic paint, foam sheet, laser cut white acrylic, wood board

BASS - 10"x10" - Mixed Media

laser cut maple plywood, map, textured paper, suede cording, wood board

deer framed.jpg

CHAMELEON - 20"x20"

acrylic paint on wood board

GORILLA - 5"x5" 

acrylic paint on wood cut

DEER - 10"x10" 

acrylic paint on newspaper image


SALMON - 6"x12" 

acrylic paint, newspaper, canvas

Bass/Treble Clef - 5"x7" each

acrylic pen on glass, music sheets, mahogany frame

SPHYNX - 5"x7"

laser cut chipboard, collage, board

42"x19" - Acrylic paint on Wood


5"x5" - Sharpie on paper

Digitally colored


9"x9" - Acrylic paint on Cork

Screen shot 2015-10-28 at 5.37.23 PM_edited_edited.png

OWL 2.0 - 6"x8" - Mixed Media

laser cut maple plywood, collage, textured paper

FOX - 5"x7"

acrylic paint on wood

OWL - 5"x7"

acrylic paint on wood

FRENCHIE - 8"x10" 

acrylic paint on newspaper

HIPPO - 6"x3.5" 

acrylic paint on wood cut

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